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America Recycles Day November 15th!

Standard Auto Wreckers – Niagara Falls New York – Nov. 2, 2011

We are proud supporters of America Recycles Day this month on the 15th.  It is a great time to spread the word about how important the auto recycling industry is to the future of a greener planet!  According to the Automotive Recyclers Association, the industry’s international trade association, just about everything in your car – from the floor mats and instrument panels to the upholstery, aluminum and steel – can be recycled for use in a new automobile or other consumer products.

Approximately 84% of each vehicle is recycled and during this process six million tires and millions of gallons of antifreeze, oil, gasoline and oil are recycled.  Automobile recycling recovers enough steel to produce almost 13 million automobiles and saves an estimated eleven million gallons of oil that would otherwise be needed to manufacture new automobile parts.  We spoke with David Gold (owner of Standard Auto Wreckers) and he said, “Most people don’t realize it but auto recycling is the original green industry and automobiles are currently the most recycled consumer product in the entire world”.

The efforts of automotive recyclers not only preserve natural resources and conserve landfill space, but they also reduce air and water pollution that would otherwise occur in the manufacturing process of building new cars.  We would like to tip our hat to David Gold and the rest of the auto recyclers in our network and across North America and the world.  Keep up the good work!!!!

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Electric Car Sets Speed Record

Zoom, zoooooom!  The car, nicknamed “Electric Blue” was built by BYU engineering students and was competing in the Streamliner E1 class. Streamliner cars are typically long, low to the ground, slender and bullet-shaped. The E1 class also has a weight limit of less than 1,100 pounds. Because electric cars rely on heavy batteries, engineering a speedy vehicle at such a light weight is very difficult. That’s why there were no prior certified speed runs for this class, although unofficial standards reached the 130s.

The BYU team had no problem busting the 130 MPH barrier. Their two runs had an average speed of 155.8 MPH with one of the runs clocking in at blazing 175 MPH.
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ARA Convention Oct. 2011

I had a great time meeting with many of our members and hanging out with old friends.  Met a bunch of great new people as well!!

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Obama’s Green Car Program – Does it Have a Future?

Republicans are calling on Congressional investigators to expand their probe of the Obama Administration’s “green energy” loan program to include Fisker, the start-up electric car company that received more than $500 million in federal support but is assembling its high-end sports sedan in Finland.

“We need to extend the investigation,” Rep. Tim Murphy, a Pennsylvania Republican who sits on the committee that has been investigating the government’s loan program, told ABC News in an interview for reports on World News and Nightline that air tonight. “If they couldn’t find someone to build the car in the U.S., then don’t do it. Find another way. Find something else.”

Read the full article here.

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